400ton Auto Parts Processing Coil Feeder Automated Stamping Press Line

Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class1. Parameters1) APE 160ton   ~600ton Parameters  NameUnitXPE-160XPE-200XPE-250XPE-300XPE-400XPE-500XPE-600Model SHSHSHSHSHSHSHCapacityTon160200250300400500600Rated tonnage pointmm6363737373106106Strokemm18013025015028017030017030017030018030018

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Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class
1. Parameters
1) APE 160ton   ~600ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage pointmm6363737373106106
Stroke per minutes.p.m30-5540-8520-5035-7020-4030-6020-3530-5020-3020-4018-2520-3015-2520-30
Die heightmm450400500450550450550450550450580480600500
Slide adjustmentmm100120120120120120120
Slide areamm1600x6501850 x7502300x9002300x900A:2300x10002900x10003100x1100
Bolster areamm1800 x7602200x9402500 x10002500x1000A:2500x10003300x12003500x1200
Side openingmm700 x450900x600900x600900x600900x6001000x7501100x750
Main motorKwxP15x418.5x422 x 430x437x445x455x4
Slide adjust deviceKwxP1x42x42x42x42x43x43x4
Air pressurekg/cm26666666
Presses precision GB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 class

2) 3 in 1 servo Straightener Feeder---MAC1:
ModelMAC 1-300MAC1-400
Stock Width(mm)50-30050-400
Stock Thickness(mm)0.2-3.00.2-3.0
Max. Coil Weight(kg)30003000
Max. Coil O.D.(mm)12001200
Coil I.D.(mm)508508
Feed Length(mm)~400~400
Max. Line Speed(m/min)16-2416-24
Work Roll Numberupper4 / lower3upper4 / lower3
Feed Roll number11
Main Motor(kw)AC2.0AC2.0
Mandrel ExpansionBy manual (pneumatic) / hydraulicBy manual (pneumatic) / hydraulic
Reel Motor(kw)1.51.5
Power (V)3Phase 220V/380V/50HZ3Phase 220V/380V/50HZ
Operating Air (Mpa)0.490.49

3 in 1 servo Straightener Feeder---MAC2:
Stock Width(mm)50~40050~60050~800
Stock Thickness(mm)0.3~3.20.3~3.20.3~3.2
Max. Coil Weight(kg)30003000500050007000
Max. Coil O.D.(mm)120012001200
Coil I.D.(mm)508508508
Feed Length(mm)~500~500~500
Max. Line Speed(m/min)16~2416~2416~24
Work Roll Numberupper6 / lower5upper6 / lower5upper6 / lower5
Feed Roll number111
Main Motor(kw)AC2.9AC4.4AC4.4
Mandrel Expansionhydraulichydraulichydraulic
Reel Motor(kw)
Power (V)3Phase 220V/380V/50HZ
Operating Air(Mpa)0.490.490.49

3 in 1 servo Straightener Feeder---MAC3:
Stock Width(mm)0.3~4.50.3~4.50.3~4.50.3~4.5
Stock Thickness(mm)50~40050~60070~80070~1000
Max. Coil Weight(kg)50005000500070007000
Max. Coil O.D.(mm)Ф1400Ф1400Ф1400Ф1400
Coil I.D.(mm)Ф508Ф508Ф508Ф508
Feed Length(mm)~500~500~500~500
Max. Line Speed(m/min)16~2416~2416~2416~24
Work Roll Numberup4 / down3up4 / down3up4 / down3up4 / down3
Feed Roll number111 
Main Motor(kw)AC4.4AC4.4AC5.5AC7.5
Mandrel Expansionhydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulic
Reel Motor(kw)
Power (V)3Phase 220V/380V/50HZ
Operating Air(Mpa)0.490.490.490.49

Product Features:
* With high rigidity rack design, they are welded with the use of high-quality steel plates, through relieving of internal stresses, so that stability and reliability of the whole machine in precision are enhanced.
* Machine adopts high-alloy-steel, two-bent-axle, and two-wide work center, to optimize design.
* In order to guarantee relative stationarity of machine operation, it is equip with two balancers.
* Moulding-adjustment precision is as high as 0.1mm, safe, speedy, and reliable.
* Through hard oxidation and grinding, such parts as bent axles, gear sets, and connecting rods possess higher combination property and tolerance.
* Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch/brake and internationally advanced duplex magnetic valve, as well as overload protection devices, to guarantee precision and safety for operation and stop of press rams.
* Machine's structural design shall be reasonable, for the convenience of realizing automatic production, reducing cost, and improving efficiency.
* Possess advanced design concepts, low noise, low consumption, and energy saving.
Standard Configuration:
Dry clutch brake
Standard operating system of xieduan
Operation Method Choice/inch stroke /safe journey/continuation of operating mode
Oil pressure overload protection device
Over-run safety device
Duplex magnetic valve
Misfeed detection device
Electric slider adjusting device
Digital moulding-height indicator (unit: 0.1 mm)
Electric butter lubricating device
Accumulative counter (6 digits)
Pre-determined counter (6 digits)
Maintenance counter (6 digits)
Service Life counter (6 digits)
Electronic rotary cam switch (6 connections)
Air-blast device 1/2" primary circuit
Air source connector 1/2" secondary circuit
Error inspection socket
Power socket (only apply to single-phase 110V power)
Optional Configuration:
Wet clutch brake
Die cushion device
Vs variable-speed motor
Touch-screen device
Photo-electric safety device
Knock-out device on Ram
Main motor inversion device
Foot switch
Safety dog and safety latch
T-type two-hand button operating platform
Inspection variable-connection magnetic valve
Anti-vibration mechanical foot
Quick Die Change Device
Upper die clamper
Lower die clamper
Die lifter
Mould-shift arm
Basic bolt and soleplate
Automatic feeder device
Three-in-one NC straightening feeder
NC Servo Roll feeder
Two-in-one feeder and straightening machine


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