North American Electric Vehicle Battery Market Insights in 2028-Analysis of Major Participants of SK Innovation, Lithium Energy Japan, A123 Systems, CALB, Samsung SDI, Toshiba and GS Yuasa

2021-12-16 08:14:53 By : Mr. Yann Ai

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According to the report, the North American electric vehicle battery market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.68% from 2021 to 2028. The United States and Canada outline the markets in the region. Over the years, Canada has witnessed rapid growth in the automotive industry. In addition, since key ingredients such as lithium, nickel and aluminum can be used to make batteries, the country has the opportunity to become a leader in advanced battery manufacturing and storage technologies.

In addition, the government has taken a number of measures to increase battery production capacity and establish a supply chain to increase the distribution capacity of the country’s electric vehicle battery market. For example, in the 2021 budget, the government announced the expansion of the Strategic Innovation Fund to advance the processing of key battery minerals. Therefore, government support has promoted the growth of the electric vehicle battery market. In the United States, Harvard researchers produce solid-state lithium batteries for electric vehicles. These batteries extend the life of electric vehicles by 15 years and shorten the charging time to 20 minutes. This encourages automakers to increase the electrification of their fleets, reducing their carbon footprint and reliance on consuming fossil fuel reserves. In addition, the increase in government support and the development of advanced battery technology are increasing the electric vehicle battery market.

Well-known companies in the electric vehicle battery market include SK Innovation, Lithium Energy Japan, A123 Systems, CALB, Samsung SDI, Toshiba Corporation, and GS Yuasa.

Key Topics Covered 1. North American Electric Vehicle Battery Market 2. Industry Outlook 2.1. Key Insights 2.1.1. Increase investment in the electric vehicle market 2.1.2. Battery recycling requires subsidies 2.2. The impact of COVID-19 on the electric vehicle battery market 2.3. Porter's five forces analysis 2.4. Market attractiveness matrix 2.5. Industrial components 2.5.1. Raw material mining 2.5.2. Battery cell 2.5.3. Battery module 2.5.4. Battery pack 2.5.5. End user 2.5.6. End of life process 2.6. Supplier Scorecard 2.7. Technical analysis 2.7.1. Lithium-ion battery based on changes in cathode material NCM (lithium cobalt manganese oxide) NCA (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide) LFP (lithium iron phosphate) 2.7.2. Solid state battery 2.8. Raw material analysis 2.8.1. Key raw materials 2.8.2. Countries with high reserves of key raw materials, lithium, manganese, and nickel Cobalt Graphite 2.9. Key market strategy 2.9.1. Contracts and partnerships 2.9.2. Business expansion and divestiture 2.9.3. Acquisitions and mergers 2.9.4. New product release 2.10. Positioning of industry participants 2.11. Market drivers 2.11.1. The growing electric vehicle market 2.11.2. Government incentives and promotion 2.11.3. The development of battery technology 2.11.4. The growth of public charging infrastructure was 2.12. Market challenges 2.12.1. Problems in the procurement of raw materials 2.12.2. The high charging time of the battery 2.12.3. Security issue 2.13. Market opportunity 2.13.1. The emergence of shared electric vehicles contributes to the battery replacement market segment 2.13.2. Improvements in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology 3. North American electric vehicle battery market-by vehicle type 3.1. Battery Electric Vehicle 3.2. Hybrid Electric Vehicle 3.3. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles 4. North American electric vehicle battery market-by battery type 4.1. Lead acid 4.2. Nickel metal hydride 4.3. Lithium Ion 5. North American Electric Vehicle Battery Market-5.1 by end user. Commercial vehicles 5.2. Bus 5.3. Other end users 6. North American Electric Vehicle Battery Market-Regional Outlook 6.1. United States 6.2. Canada 7. Competitive landscape 7.1. Market share analysis 7.2. Company profile 7.2.1. CATL 7.2.2 LG Ensor 7.2.3. Panasonic 7.2.4. Samsung SDI 7.2.5. SK Innovation 7.2.6. BYD 7.2.7. CALB 7.2.8. Automotive Energy Japan Co., Ltd. 7.2.9. Toshiba 7.2.10. Lithium Energy Japan 7.2.11. Consider Aesc 7.2.12. A123 system 7.2.13. GS Yuasa 7.2.14. Northvolt AB 7.2.15. Prime Planet Energy Solutions 8. Methodology and scope 8.1. Research scope and deliverables 8.2. Data source 8.3. Research Methods For more information on this report, please visit

Northvolt will build a lithium processing plant with Galp Energia in Portugal, with an estimated investment of approximately 700 million euros ($789.6 million), as the demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles continues to grow. The Swedish company said on Tuesday that a 50/50 joint venture, Aurora, will operate the plant, which will have an initial annual production capacity of up to 35,000 tons of lithium hydroxide, a key material for lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Northvolt’s largest shareholder is Volkswagen, which stated that the plant is located in Portugal and will become Europe’s largest plant and will begin commercial operations in 2026. The plant will be able to provide enough lithium hydroxide to produce 50 GWh of batteries per year, while Northvolt uses up to 50% of the plant's capacity for battery manufacturing.

The company revealed that it has received a warning letter from the FDA regarding one of its California plants.

Hyliion CEO Thomas Healy and Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi and Julie Hyman discussed what it's like to drive a hybrid super truck and why the future of long-distance trucking might be electric.

The latest data from electric car manufacturer Polestar shows that its new crossover beats the standard range Tesla Model Y in terms of range-this impressive data point highlights what investors and car buyers should know Warning about electric vehicle technology. The Environmental Protection Agency rated the single-motor version of the new Polestar 2 crossover at 270 miles per charge. The standard range Tesla (stock code: TSLA) Model Y can travel about 244 miles per charge, so Polestar beats Tesla. The advantage of Polestar 2 is that it has a larger battery pack, reaching 78 kWh, while the standard range Model Y is equipped with a 50 kWh battery pack.

With the rise of Tesla and the prospect of electric vehicles becoming mainstream, electric vehicle inventories have increased exponentially. The following are the most acclaimed electric car manufacturers.

The year-long saga of finding buyers in southern Kansas City (NYSE: KSU) ended on December 14, when the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (NYSE: CP) completed a total of 31 billion U.S. dollars A transaction to acquire Kansas City stock. Shareholders of Kansas City Southern received $90 in cash and 2.884 Canadian Pacific shares for each share. Instead, these businesses will enter a special voting trust that needs to maintain a certain distance from Canada Pacific, while the regulator decides whether the merger should be allowed. This intricate trust structure is embarrassing at best, and may cause some real problems for Canadian Pacific before the end of 2022.

Approximately half of the oil pipeline space in the United States is unused, which intensifies oil competition in high-yield areas such as the Permian Basin in Texas. According to data from consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, the overall pipeline capacity utilization rate in the United States is about 50%, and before the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, this ratio was 60% to 70%. The pipeline is now half full as production soared to 13 million barrels per day in early 2020, making the United States the largest oil producer, while the average output in 2021 was only 11 million barrels per day.

The then President Jimmy Carter signed a law in 1978 that permanently changed retirement by introducing a 401(k), but one expert believes that this benefit "is only now fully mature."

(Bloomberg)-Toyota Motor Corporation wants the world to know that it is serious about competing in the battery-based electric vehicle market. Most read articles from Bloomberg. Can the indoor farm reach the height of a skyscraper? Zero taxes, golf, and beach villas have created a crypto island paradise. Saudi Arabia hopes its capital will be where you want to live. China is building the world’s largest national park system. The world’s largest car manufacturer plans to invest 4 trillion yen. (35.2 billion U.S. dollars) to promote the development of its electric vehicles,

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According to data released by the Department of Labor in December, consumer prices in November rose by 6.8% compared with the same month in 2020. The US inflation rate is currently at a 39-year high, and November was the fifth consecutive month that the inflation rate exceeded 5%. This is what Warren Buffett has said for decades. Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and CEO pointed out at the 2015 shareholders meeting: “The best business during inflation is a business that you buy once and you don’t have to continue capital investment,” and you should avoid "Any enterprise that requires a large amount of capital investment."

According to Statista, e-commerce sales accounted for 18% of global retail sales in 2020, thanks to the strengthening of their e-commerce business by many companies. By 2024, this market share is expected to expand to nearly 22% of global retail sales. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has long been a behemoth in the field of e-commerce. In 2020, Amazon controls 39% of US e-commerce sales.

(Bloomberg)-Due to fears that Washington will impose investment and export sanctions on more companies, the stock prices of China's largest chip manufacturer and several of its largest pharmaceutical companies fell on Wednesday. Most articles from Bloomberg can reach the height of a skyscraper in an indoor farm? Zero taxes, golf, and beach villas have created a crypto island paradise Saudi Arabia wants its capital to be where you want to live. China is building the world’s largest national park system. Wuxi Biologics Cayman shares have fallen

In September, the US Department of Commerce launched an investigation into the impact of imported neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) permanent magnets (the most widely produced rare earth magnet) on national security. Governments, companies and experts have submitted public comments to weigh whether the United States should impose tariffs on imported neodymium iron boron magnets to offset the security risks of over-reliance on foreign imports, especially Chinese imports. According to Article 232 of the Trade Expansion Act, the President may impose tariffs on imported products that the Ministry of Commerce considers “in terms of quantity or circumstances to pose a threat to national security”. In the comments submitted before the November 12 deadline, the European Union most strongly opposed the United States imposing any type of tariffs on neodymium iron boron magnets, which have a wide range of military and civilian industrial uses.

(Bloomberg)-An executive of one of the world's largest agricultural companies said that the food price spike driven by supply chain obstacles, weather problems and pent-up demand is coming to an end. ? Zero taxes, golf, and beach villas to create an encrypted island paradise Saudi Arabia wants its capital to be where you want to live. China is building the world’s largest national park system. Boris Johnson, an angry member of Congress, is worried about his next mistake.

These are the energy stocks with the highest value, fastest growth, and greatest momentum in January 2022.

Gabbino Leon was angry, and he was not alone. Farmers in the Apurímac region of southern Peru watch hundreds of copper-laden trucks passing his adobe houses every day, raising dust on a bumpy dirt road that has become a lightning rod for protests. 2 Metal producer. According to Reuters, Leon’s anger was echoed in hundreds of small villages in South America because he said he saw little benefit from the mineral wealth at his doorstep, and accused mining of destroying his self-sufficient farming. livelihood. “All the wealth of Aprimaq is in front of us,” Leon told Reuters from his home, which is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from MMG’s Las Bambas mine, which began production in 2016 and supplies approximately 2% copper.

DETROIT (Reuters)-Electric car startup Canoo Inc said on Wednesday that it is speeding up its production plans in the United States and at the same time ending a deal with Dutch VDL Nedcar as its European contract manufacturer. Canoo shares rose 3% in after-hours trading. The Arkansas-based company stated that it switched from using VDL Nedcar overseas to relying on its plants in northwest Arkansas and Pryor, Oklahoma in order to reduce supply chain loopholes and overseas transportation costs, and speed up The speed to market of its vehicles.

(Bloomberg)-According to people familiar with the matter, the Biden administration is considering stricter sanctions on China’s largest chip manufacturer to restrict China’s access to advanced technology. Taxes, golf courses and beach villas create a crypto island paradise Saudi Arabia hopes that the capital will be where you want to live. China is building the world's largest national park system The Nationa

Boeing has experienced turbulent two years, and the problem continues because it recently reported that it lost more than expected in the third quarter. Is Boeing stock worth buying now? Investors should look at the fundamentals of this aerospace giant and BA stock chart. Boeing received 109 orders in November, all for its 737 Max aircraft.