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Under the general trend of automobile lightweight, the compound annual growth rate of magnesium alloy market demand reached 13.2%.

The vast majority of automotive magnesium alloy parts are die-casting parts, which are mainly used for housings and brackets. Magnesium alloy is a good substitute for steel and aluminum alloy, which can reduce product weight by 25%-75%. However, the current application ratio of magnesium alloys in automobiles is much lower than that of aluminum alloys.

Magnesium alloys help lightweight cars

Relying on energy saving, environmental protection and performance, automobile lightweight has become one of the important directions for the development of the global automobile industry. In 2020, China will release the energy-saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap 2.0, and put forward lightweight requirements for various types of vehicles. In addition, major automakers have put forward goals to promote the development of lightweight vehicles.

At present, automobile lightweight technology is mainly divided into three types: lightweight material technology, lightweight advanced process technology, and lightweight structure optimization technology. Lightweight materials are the key to lightweight cars.

Magnesium alloy has the characteristics of low density, high strength, good heat dissipation, strong vibration resistance, noise reduction, excellent die-casting performance, and excellent cutting performance. It is an ideal lightweight material. Under the trend of lightweight automobiles, the market demand for magnesium alloys will grow rapidly.

In 2015, my country's bicycles only used about 1.5kg of magnesium, which is far lower than the level in Europe, America, Japan and other regions. However, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the acceleration of vehicle lightweighting, the amount of magnesium used in bicycles in my country is growing rapidly, and it is expected to reach 15kg in 2020.

According to the "Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0", by 2030, when the Chinese automobile market’s demand for magnesium is 1.31 million tons, Chinese bicycles will use 45kg of magnesium alloy, accounting for 4% of the total vehicle weight. -The compound annual growth rate in 2030 is 13.2%.

Magnesium alloy helps lighten new energy vehicles

For every 10% weight reduction of new energy vehicles, the average cruising range can be increased by 5%-8%. Therefore, the need for lightweight new energy vehicles is imminent. The density of magnesium alloy is 2/3 that of aluminum and 1/4 that of steel, so it is much lighter than the latter two, which means that magnesium alloy is the best choice for lightweight new energy vehicles.

New energy vehicle battery packs account for more than 20% of the vehicle's weight. The lightweight part of new energy vehicles relies on lightweight battery packs.

Lightweight battery packs can make the shell, bottom tray, and inner end/side panels lighter. For example, the battery pack shell of Tesla MODEL S is mainly made of aluminum alloy, which can weigh up to 125 kg; if magnesium alloy is used, the weight will be reduced by about 60 kg or nearly 50%.

At present, Wanfeng Meridian, Qianhe Magnesium, RSM Group, Eontec, Jiashui Group, etc. have already deployed in the field of magnesium alloy casting of battery pack casings for new energy vehicles.

As the world's leading supplier of batteries for new energy vehicles, CATL has also applied magnesium alloy die-casting to battery packs. In November 2020, Ningde Times, Sanxiang New Materials, Wansheng Group, and Zhuhai Hengqin Yinmei Technology jointly established Ningde Wenda Magnesium Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. to build a magnesium-aluminum alloy project with a total investment of 800 million yuan. Products include die-cast structural parts for battery casings.

1 Overview of Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Industry

2 Analysis of automobile magnesium alloy die-casting industry

2.1 Lightweight cars and magnesium alloys

2.2 Application history of automotive magnesium alloys

2.3 Layout of Magnesium Alloy Car Companies

2.4 Status Quo of Automotive Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Industry

2.5 Market Scale of Automotive Magnesium Alloy

2.6 Competitive Landscape of Automotive Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Industry

2.7 Favorable factors for the development of China's automotive magnesium alloy die-casting industry

2.8 Development Trend of Automotive Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Industry

2.9 Bottlenecks and restrictive factors in the development of magnesium alloys

3 automobile magnesium alloy die casting enterprises in China

4Foreign automobile magnesium alloy die-casting enterprises

4.3 Chicago White Metal Casting Company (CWM)


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